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For example, there’s a scene in “The Cage” where the young girl who’s living on Talos IV begins to appear differently to Pike. In one of these incarnations, she appears as an uninhibited green slave girl. Of course, no green woman had ever before appeared on television, and for that reason no one quite knew how to pull it of, not even Star Trek’s master makeup artist, Freddie Phillips. […] Majel Barret put up with Freddie’s emerald concoction and put her best face forward for some screen tests. Everything went well … until they watched the dailies. When the screen tests came back from the lab, they showed Freddie’s guinea pig/actress with perfectly normal skin tones. “This is fucking impossible!” screamed Freddie. Gene ordered a new batch of screen tests. […] A new actress was hauled in and plastered with Freddie’s new foul-looking, and now equally foul-smelling, concoction. But once again the test footage came back from the lab bearing the beautiful image of a lovely pink-skinned young actress. […] Finally, after adding some unusual ingredients into the mix, they once again came up with a bright green batch of new improvised paste, and proceeded to spackle it all over the lovely young mug of yet another horrified actress. Test footage was shot once more, and once again a fine pinkish Caucasian complexion appeared. […]
Finally, a dejected Roddenberry calls the film processing lab to see if they can suggest any filter or lighting tricks that might make an actress appear bright green on film.
“What?” stammers the quite obviously terrified lab technician. “I’ve been working overtime the last three nights trying to correct your actresses’ lousy green skin tones. … I had no idea you wanted them green, I just thought you had hired a shitty cinematographer.”

– Technical problems whilst shooting “The Cage”
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  • Video Game: You know, if you're having trouble, feel free to lower the difficulty settin--
  • Me: Go fuck yourself.
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"I’m in the middle of 5 different games, but why finish any of them when I can just START ANOTHER ONE?" -a novel by me

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So I found this

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ok but consider this: Hyrule Warriors has 6 confirmed playable characters, 5 of which are female. For the first time -ever-, men are going to be forced to fight over who plays as the only man, like we always had to do with the only lady.



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I feel like you should all watch this. Just persevere for a minute or so.

Whatever a girl does is like a girl. Kick ass ladies!!


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Percentage of Female (Game) Developers Has More Than Doubled Since 2009

New IGDA survey shows that women currently make up 22 percent of industry workforce.

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